The Cupid’s Accident – A short story

The cupid was getting ready, it was the perfect moment.

“He has been too sad all his life. He has been too self critical. This is the moment, he is perfectly in contentment with himself”,

cupid thought.

So the cupid shot the arrow straight into his heart.

“Oh fuck! He looked at me last minute.”,

cupid started panicking

Too late. His eyes were filled with love, his heart started singing, his world filled with joy.

“No no, I’m only the cupid who opens your heart”,

cupid tried to explain.

The journey unfolded, the cupid tried. He tried to be responsible.

Two years went past… It was getting difficult. So the cupid had to close the door. Cupid was sad, as cupid loved him too. But cupid is here to be cupid. So cupid had to go. That is cupid’s nature.

He walked alone loving so deeply. He took cupid everywhere he went in his mind. Couldn’t manage to forget the cupid.

Another two years went past. Now he knows, it was cupid’s nature. And cupid did the best job of opening his heart.

Now he loves all beings with the most amazing heart. He sees beauty in everything.

“This must be the best cupid in the world”,

he always feels.

But finally, he is ready to move on!

“Dear God,

I will always love the cupid who opened my heart, rooted my ego, and deepened my soul.

But, now I give him back to you. Please look after him well.

Don’t let him hurt, unless it is to learn.

Don’t let him go, unless it is to eternal peace”,

he sings in his daily prayers.

– Nim –

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