Aren’t us humans completely insane?

So here I am standing in the corner of three countries.

  1. Switzerland
  2. Germany
  3. France

Thanks to a lovely girl I met a couple of days ago who let me know of this place, I managed to come see the place.

Below shows you Switzerland

Below, past that round thing in the middle of the road shows you Germany.

Below, over the other side of the river, shows you France.

Three different countries, two different languages. And most from these countries are passionately Swiss, German, or French.

They don’t even have an Ocean to separate them! It’s one fucking land!

If this ain’t madness, what is!?!

I mean the three countries in this day and age live quite peacefully next to each other.

Thank God, it’s a little less mad than years ago when they fought each other.

Which really makes me think,

Aren’t us humans completely insane?

– Nim –

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