Here I am again to Thank You…

I was hit hard with Love. Love brought me to Basel, Switzerland. I was living in a beautiful crazy lovestruck imagination.

When I saw the Etihad Airlines, waiting for me to board at Melbourne, Australia airport, I cried so much. I was afraid. I knew what ever the reality was, I would be confronted by it. My poor mother who was also waiting for her flight, which was at the next gate, couldn’t take her eyes off me, her eyes filled with worry, and kept on telling me:

Be strong, I will pray for you. Don’t think of the past, and enjoy your holiday and see the country.

I didn’t even feel the 14 hour flight as half of it, I cried.

It took me so much of tears and courage to spend each initial days in Basel. I knew I’m in the West and these are the lands of Christ. I knew I had to pay respect to him.

Jesus Christ was the Buddha in the West
Thich Nhat Hanh (During an Interview with Oprah Winfrey)

I always believed this. But most Buddhists don’t see it this way, so I was blessed to hear Thich Nhat Hanh’s words.

I came to pray here as although I was smiling and touring around Basel, Switzerland, I was hurting inside.

That was the day I had to stop my prayers half way through and write this article:

Since that day, miraculously my prayers were answered. I accomplished the first thing I came here for. To reconnect with the reality.

And I met some beautiful people in Basel. Some touched my heart so powerfully.

I will be leaving Basel, Switzerland tomorrow knowing I can easily live here. Yes, the country is a little backwards for my expectations, but behind that backwardness, the people are authentically beautiful.

I carry home some great memories of Basel, Switzerland. I carry home no regrets or no longing to be loved. I finally feel free.

So thank you, what ever the energy that is captured here. Thank you for looking after me for the last week and a half. Thank you to all love shown to me by all the people I met, including random strangers. Thank you all beautiful people I met. Thank you Basel, Switzerland.

Most importantly:

Thank you Dear Lord.

And last, but not the least:

Thank you Jesus for the love you showed, for being a human sacrifice. Thank you for tolerating all the pain given to you, but still giving us the message of Love.

I’m sorry that the world is not quite there. But, I will keep believing we are getting somewhere. I will do what ever little I can in the name of your love

– Nim –

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