Some beautiful strangers in Switzerland

Today is probably the most educational and energizing day I experienced during my holiday in Switzerland.

I attended yet another event in Basel, Switzerland. It was organised by a group who is enthusiastic about Personality Typing Models, with a special focus on MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator), on Meetup calling themselves MBTI Basel.

The group was extremely warm and welcoming. We discussed many topics from Religion, Death, Life Experiences, and of course MBTI model.

Being a complete novice to the model, I was blessed to get detailed insight into my own personality indicator, being ENFP. Zara (Ruffy), together with Kirsten, Virginia, and Sel, explained to me my 4 core functions, how they drive and also can get in the way of my human expression.

I also got the opportunity to ask questions and re-explain what I understood, with insightful discussions into how it correlates into other personalality types. Since there was another new comer, Edyta, I also was blessed to get to know another personality type.

Ruffy, who was leading most of the discussions, apart from his beautiful tattoos which he was quite comfortable to show-off when inquired, also had a beautiful way of taking a novice like me to a deeper end in MBTI. The icing on the cake for me was later, after our event, when he together with Edyta gave me the opportunity to have a swim or a float in the current of the deep Rhine River.

Kirsten, who I connected quite a bit with, had some great insights about any given topic. We discussed some controversial topics. She was a ball of energy. It was an absolute blessing to meet her.

Virginia who was mostly silent, was always holding a cheeky grin, which was complimented by Sel’s cheeky remarks. The group of friends were quite comfortable to tease each other about their strengths and weaknesses. Their self aware nature always took these remarks on a positive and light-hearted way. I finally managed to have a deeper conversation with Virginia when she walked me half way back to my hotel.

Marc, fascinated me with his authentic unfiltered self, and his enthusiasm about everything that was discussed. He was also quite observant and was forever giving others compliments. I saw a very open minded growth personality in him which I usually adore.

Edyta, who was also a novice to MBTI, very quickly jumped into the world of MBTI. She wasn’t afraid to indicate when it was information overload, and I found it quite funny when she had to order a coffee to process the information. She complimented all of the discussions. And of course she jumped into the Rhine with me and Zara, and also jumped into some deep and meaningful discussions about our respective homelands and life experiences.

All in all, I feel truly blessed to have met these beautiful souls on the other side of the world.

This group uplifted my experience of Switzerland. Thank you everyone for an amazing day. We spent 6 hours together and I honestly could spend more time with a group like you. You made me fall in Love with Basel, Switzerland all over again! And I will take these beautiful memories back to Melbourne, Australia to cherish for years to come.

Thank you for contributing powerfully and positively towards my holiday in Switzerland. I truly hope our paths cross again. Until then, I wish you well for your future.


– Nim –

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