A Boy by Ellen Lake

Below poem was written and published on Facebook by one of my friends Ellen Lake. I fell in love with the writing, and with her permission I am adding the poem to my collection of writings.


Today I noticed

A boy

A boy wearing a girl’s dress
Walking along the street in Brisbane
Suburban Brisbane

It was a lovely dress,
Short, bouncey,
Big yellowy-brown spots,
Ochre I think,
Or baby-poo yellow

Big, yellowy-brown spots bouncing as he walked
In boots and multi-coloured socks

Along the street

Good legs, gorgeous legs,
Wish they were mine legs,
Strong, toned,muscular,shapely

Good legs and bouncey spots walking with cute hair,
Tied up with a band,
Short hair, tied at the back,
A pony-tail above and short bits lined up,
Standing to attention,
Straight and side by side,
Lined up below,
The fringe in front,
Short, I think?

A boy,
Walking past in a dress

A boy,
My name,
Maybe not his

I don’t know

A joy

Walking past in a dress

Today I noticed.

Ellen Lake

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