The other end of Scripture – A true human heart

We live in a world full of Scriptures, and followers of those Scriptures, and those who reject those Scriptures.

But have we stopped to ever swim across any of these Scriptures, to the hearts of those individuals who made such an impact?

Let me do the guess work, the answer would be an easy “No”!

I may sound too confident to ask a question and to answer it myself. But the truth remains, that we as a world of human beings, have failed those beautiful humans that existed thousands of years ago.

Let us first consider, His Holiness, Prophet Muhammad. It is not a secret to know Islam has become one of the most rejected religions. It is unfortunate, as that is a direct reflection on the failure of a community that attempts to give the highest regard to their teacher, His Holiness, Prophet Muhammad. I have no doubt about that true human existence. I have no doubt about some of the members of Islam community. How can I? My father was one of them. So maybe, instead of fighting with those who reject, it is time to question ourselves, how did we fail him? I believe in that true human existence, and I believe in Allah. But, I doubt some of the community, only because of their blind faith. They have not stopped to consider what it would have been like to be that beautiful man, His Holiness, Prophet Muhammad.

The most vastly spread news is about that most amazing man who was crusified. It is said that Jesus Christ died for our sins. Of course we go to Church, depending on which group of Christianity, and pray to help us. But, we also hate Muslims, and dislike those who worship 33000 Gods, and maybe call some weird mediators hermits! Not only have we managed to make 500 versions of Christianity for One Jesus Christ, we also teach to hate or reject others! Those creations of the same God. That is an Epic Fail if you ask me. Why on earth did that man die for a useless bunch like us? Why on earth did he suffer on a cross, unable to sooth his mother whose heart would have torn into pieces, while her beautiful boy was hanging on a cross? Once again, we are too focused on the Scripture, and have little time spent to empathize with that human life wasted on us!

I will now speak of the man closest to my heart, simply because of my upbringing; The Blessed Gauthama Siddhartha. We have managed to completely forget everything about that beautiful man. Starting from his first talk, to the most famous talks, refered to as Sūtra, in the Pāli Canon, that man had spoken of cause and effect, and spreading loving-kindness. Yet, we hate Muslims, we reject all Gods, and we love selectively. Somehow, Buddha’s unconditional love, had turned into a conditional self-cherishing dillusional affair!!! And thus we have failed that Prince who gave up all his wealth, and hopes of his father, the King, who would have been in such pain when his Son was begging on the streets. We have failed miserably!! Let us please sit one night, imagining what it would have been like to be such a kind soul, to be cherished, even with blind faith after thousands of years.

There are many other Scriptures, if I am to go on and on. In Hinduism alone, we can discuss countless number of Gods, although I seem to have a few personal favorites, only because of a weird calling, but let me park that as well.

If you have made it this far into this blog post, may I please request one favour? Please keep following your Scripture, what ever the one you were brought up in, but try not to fail those valuable human sacrifices.

I will leave you with one question, or maybe two!!!

Do you think, if Prophet Muhammad, Jesus, Buddha, Lord Shiva (and the army of Gods), and many others met at a single gathering, they would be fighting about who is the better human being?

If that was the case, why would we respect them?

– Nim –

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