The Lion King – Same but Different

As a child I fell in Love with this movie, Lion King. I remembered most of the script by heart. Around 15 years later, I watch the same movie with a slightly different script and annimations.

The movie captures so many valuable insights into our own internal mind activity, as well as how those internals play out in a much larger society, lead by inequality and self interest.

Lions and Hyenas, both carnivores, both part of the kingdom, yet driven by the teachings of the past, manifested as rules, to be separated and totally identified by the separation.

Pumbaa and Timon represents great teachers, but too innocent to know that, and display nothing other than their authentic selves.

Simba’s land is no where close to the heaven Pumbaa and Timon comes from, from outward appearance, but the passion of a true leader, true friend, true child, who is called to serve, will always be respected and heard by true friends, and true parents and true partners. Pumbaa and Timon was lead by innocence, and friendship. Simba and Narla, childhood friends, separated by circumstances of, devine timing, although it doesn’t appear to one’s eyes, was also lead by innocence and friendship.

So there they embark on a heavenly, mission!

Inside job always First.

Elders of the past and present, Able to see the elders of the future, in childlike innocence.

Lion can be ego, knowledge, or wisdom.
Hyena can be ego, knowledge, or wisdom.

All depends on the seers, true leaders, and angels in disguise.

If you ask Pumba and Timone, they wouldn’t give a toss, who is who, as long as they can lead a peaceful life, and enjoy the time they have. They bow down to circle of life. They take life as a game they play, just like children.

The important characters, Zazu, Muffassa, Rafiki, Sarabi, Simba, Scar, Narla, Hyenas, Pumbaa-Timon combo, and all characters of nature carefully created to represent external nature, as well as each individual’s internal nature. A beautiful job done.

The story captures death, birth, chaos, suffering, greed, aversion, concepts of heaven and hell, and gives golden insights into the eternal nature of life itself, for the one who seeks wisdom.

Lion King, is everyone’s effort and response to their own inside jobs, to manifest the Kingdom of Nature, Kingdom of God!

Everyone, omitting none, only wants to be happy. But happiness is? The answer is the inside job, then helping others.

– Nim –

P.S: Thank you. I love you! Image is not mine, but I’d like to share.

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