Dear Lover

Dear Lover,

Today, 26th July 2019, which has the same date as your Birthday, goes down in Nim’s history, as he quite comfortably played soccer by himself.

I tried to do so many things, and tried to upskill my abilities to reduce the potential burden I might impose on you. I always wondered how I can be included or at least understand your passion for soccer. My nephew helped me a little, and the rest I did. In the end, I feel, the internal happiness and confidence derived from accomplishing tasks that I never imagined possible, becomes the biggest gift. It also removes the requirement of being validated by you, although I will embrace such kindness with open arms.

I’m counting days, it’s around half a month to potentially seeing you, and we’ve been apart for over 4 years.
I guess the biggest preparation for me is to learn to let you be afterwards, irrespective of what the outcome is.

– Nim –

#love #life #truelove #unconditional

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