Notes written during my stay in Ward GE – Psychiatric Ward

This morning, during my normal “reading of the day”, I saw one of my old note books. The page I turned to was some notes I had written during the 3 days I was an involuntarily admitted inpatient in Ward GE, Psychiatric Ward in Nambour General Hospital, Nambour, Sunshine Coast, Australia.

While in Nambour Hospital – 25/06/2015

Every challenge I’ve faced until now have taught me heaps.

I have realised;

  • There are no rules, but choices
  • Choices have consequences
  • If you stay living your true nature and purpose, everything will fall into place.
  • Some of the situations may not appear “right” from the outside, but continue to love and act on true nature and purpose.

Life is like playing “Uno”

  • You start with a set number of cards
  • You try to reduce cards
  • During the process you end up having more cards than you started with.
  • Even when you have one more card left, that is no guarantee that it’s done.
  • Lesson:
  • Do not rush to finish the cards
  • You know you’ve “started” the game, which means it will end.
  • Keep “Goal” in mind but do the next step conciously.

Vipassana – Insight into your life through your mind and body experiences.


Happy content. Sad

1. 0. -1

Neither happy nor sad

Dhamma – The law of nature

The teachings are more important than the teacher.

Each has to have their own journey.

Butterfly cannot be pulled out of the cacoon.

One needs to give it time.

We are prisnors of our beliefs.

If we believe that we are dead, we are as good as dead whether we are physically dead or not.

What have I learnt?

01. Children have no language. They only have emotions linked to sensations given via 5 sensory organs.

02. “Mental Health”; Normal vs Not Normal. There is a huge misunderstanding.

03. Dhamma can be applied for both “gihi” (householder) or “පැවිදි” (homeless).

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