My take on Incestuous Relationships…

In one society encouraged, another society accepted, another society tolerated, another society taboo, another society medically discouraged, and yet another society illegal.

There are many such human behaviours that humans themselves assess and judge. Instead of assessing and judging for one’s own sake, we humans usually like to enforce that on others.

It is indeed a controversial topic, and for a while I wasn’t prepared to discuss this.

Can I imagine an incestuos relationship with my closest relatives?

Not really!

But then again, a little distant they are this becomes easier.

For a moment if we look at history and family trees, we would realise that we have a mix of “genetic identities” present. Overtime, we are so mixed, that we would more or less be pretty “related”.

Another confusing point for me is, when we are looking for an organ donor, we look for the closest relative, often a sibling. But, by any chance if siblings get into “funny business”, it is looked down upon.

Considering a bunch of cousins in a big family, who are growing up together; they would go through puberty together. The hormones in their bodies would start reacting simultaneously, not to mention the friendship and trust already created would only add fuel to that fire. A lot probably don’t act on these, due to the “taboo-ness” of the topic, but might have felt it.

As usual, I’m unsure what the halabaloo is about, I don’t see why two consenting adults can’t do what they feel is true for them.

It doesn’t mean we all now have to start having sexual relationships with our parents, or siblings, or children, but if that happens in another’s family, as long as it is physical and emotional maturity appropriate, I feel we shouldn’t be judging it.

What doesn’t harm us shouldn’t bother us!


What about Adam and Eve?

– Nim –

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