What would my wedding vows be?

I’m unsure if this is some dream
I’m unsure if I’m helucinating this
But, I’m right here in front of you
So I’m going to assume this is true

From the day we first held hands,
You showed me the meaning of love, friendship, and life

So how can I say that it’s from this day forward, when it has been for a while?

I feel so scared now though, that is a promise. I am scared of me, you, us, and all that is influenced, and impacted.

But I promise myself as much as I promise to you,

I will always try my best
I will always put you first
I will always be your friend
I will always love you without conditions
I will always be true to myself
I will always be true to you

I can’t promise that I won’t fuck up
But, if I do, I will forgive myself first, and hope you would forgive me too.

I can’t promise that I won’t see, smell, or hear beauty other than you,
But, if I do, I will reach to you before I taste their touch
I hope we can discuss, and agree on the way forward
I hope you would do the same for me

We both have tasted many, but here we are wanting to taste each other, and share a lot more together, so let us take our past only as lessons, but not as a projection of future.

If things don’t workout between us, lets part as friends and always stay friends, till death do us part…

I hope we become a lot more than role models, by being a lesson to all of humanity…

Our successe
Our failure
Our pain
Our pleasure
Our praise
Our blame
Our gain
Our loss

May they not go wasted, and be blessings…

The words “I love you” cannot possibly capture my heart’s song.

So shall we now?

– Nim –

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