The Triple Gems of Today

Thus I’ve heard, that the blessed Gauthama Siddhartha created a structure to have in place 3 main components or social groups in Society:

Buddha – The one who communicated the path

Dhamma – The path itself

Sangha – The followers of the Path

Now, I probably can start explaining everything I’ve heard, but it becomes boring!

But, I have understood something about this structure.

That blessed man, had some blessed gift to identify missing information within a given structure.

So many others heard him, analysed him, and understood they are no different to him.

They became Sangha automatically, as they knew that the path is what protects the humans, give them the best version of themselves.

So, together they created a Dhamma protection campaign.

To serve all beings of the universe.

The process is timeless, but path is relative to time.

Hence, it was absolutely required to keep this song going on and on.

Technology was not what it was today…

So, they sang the Dhamma.

The San-Gāyana was the collection of all information to music form.

Now, a universal truth about energy what drives the universe can be found at any given time, as it is timeless.

Unlike the universal truth, the human interpretation of this energy can be complicated… Hence, we have created a fear based society, which has separated us over time to an era that everyone is getting tired of this separateness.

So we need all teachers from all walks of life to sing this truth and get together …

So now, and forever;

I trust the Teacher, The Collective Understanding of The Universal Truth! The Buddhas or Prophets of today.

I trust the path layed out by these dedicated teachers. The Dhamma of today.

I trust the followers of this path to be serving as Saviours of the path. The Sangha/ Sangha Systems, or People, Processes, or Toolings of today.

To save for future generations to come, to ensure they don’t forget the bliss in collective harmonious living.

May the fears of the world be washed away from the rain of this Collective Intentions of kind human hearts, just like the “Rathana Sutta” washed away the 3 fears of “Visālā Mahā Nagar” during the time of blessed Gauthama Siddhartha, and what ever that washed away the pain during the times of other Prophets.

– Nim –

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