Are we a lonely society?


If you have followed me on social media, or my blog, or just happen to know me, you would probably know by now that I’m kinda weird.

Me 1:

Seriously Nim, that’s your intro? πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

Me 2:

Shut up and let me write! πŸ™‡

So, where were we?

Yep, I’m weird.

We’ve established that.

Despite my weirdness, social awkwardness, and many other negative “nesses”, I can generally have a good day and enjoy life. Of course I have this not so secret dream of this Swiss Prince Charming coming to my rescue any moment, but I’ve also gotten used to that background noise.

It was such a “normal” couple of weeks, and I was generally happy, when some random incident that took me off guard not only made me sad, but made me feel terribly lonely, helpless, and worthless.

After spending a few days in my mind, wallowing in my self pity and negativity, once I was too damn tired of it, I wanted to do something about this instability I saw in me.

One moment, Nim the happy bunny!

Next moment, Nim the waste of space!!

Talk about polar opposites!!!

What must it feel like to be….

After a few days of pity-partying, I lifted myself up again, and started doing things about:

  • “Understanding Me”
  • “Understanding Others”
  • “Promoting Happy Thoughts”
  • “Defusing Unhappy Thoughts”

During this process a common thing that always crossed my mind when it came to discuss another in my mind was:

What must it feel like to be them?

That brought me back to the question they can ask:

What must it feel like to be Nim?

Now, unless “they” knew exactly what my life was like from the exterior world, and knew how Nim experienced this exterior and interpreted the exterior at any given moment in time, they would never be able to know precisely the answer to that question.

Well, similarly Mr. Smarty-Pants who is writing this article would have no clue what it feels like to be any other person.

Me 1:

Daaaaaaauh! That’s all you’ve got?!? Don’t you have anything new to say? πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

Me 2:

🧘(Anger… Please Subside)🧘

That Infamous Teenage Statement

Mum, You don’t understand!

Dad, You don’t understand!

My Friends Get Me!

Now, as much as a parent or any adult for that matter hate to acknowledge this and would take this infamous statement lightheartedly, there is an element of truth in this teenage wisdom!


Does that mean I can go out partying on a school night?

Me 2:

Ask you parents darlings! (I hope they know how to handle this)

Me 1:

Nice move Mr. Wise Man! Pass on the responsibility!!!

Me 2:


I mean seriously though, the world changes so much every moment. Especially in this Technology Era, the way youngsters perceive the world must be so different. The little building blocks their worlds are built on must be vastly different to you or me!

I believe unlike old school generation gap, in this era there is a huge generation gap even between people who are 1-2 years apart, let alone 20 years apart.

So we must be living in a world where understanding each other must have climaxed to its most difficult level.

Can we bridge the gap?

Me 2:

I believe together we can! But everyone has to play a part. As a collective we would need to start being our authentic selves. πŸ€—

Me 1:

Oh Yay! Swami-Boo-Scary-Cat Stinky-Poo is Back! Blah! Blah! Blah! World Peace! πŸ‘ΌπŸ˜ˆ

Me 2:


Last Wednesday, I attended a free workshop put together by held at General Assembly, Melbourne, Australia. We had two highly qualified speakers;

  • One who is researching on “Loneliness” in society, trying to understand the causes, in an attempt to end it by addressing the cause.
  • One who is passionate about getting people to connect at workplace, that place we spend most of our life in, with gaming solutions.

What I learnt?

  • Average person feels lonely at least 1 day a week, but research indicates most feel thus, 3 days a week.
  • I’m not alone in feeling lonely.
  • I’m not alone in the want to connect with others, in an attempt to solve this.
  • People are seeing this as a social issue, and passionately are attempting to find solutions.
  • Companies work together with government / government funded institutes to provide workplace solutions to connect people (e.g.
  • There is no single cause for loneliness, in current society there are multiple contributing factors.
  • The most lonely age groups are 12-25 and 56-65 as per research.
  • We all have a part to play in either contributing towards a lonelier society or connected one.

My Take on the Topic

Human mind is a complex device, despite who created it in the first place. It is difficult to understand one’s own self, let alone another. On top of this difficulty, we as a society judge one’s own self and others for every thought, word, or deed.

This has resulted in us being in denial of our athenticities, and more often than not hide these from others.

So how can we expect each other to understand each other, when we don’t accept ourselves, and communicate who we are at any given moment.

I believe each individual’s transparency directly impacts loneliness.

The more we share, the more we will realise we are not alone, thus reduce those moments of loneliness.

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  1. I think the distractions of the world, much of the media, and misdirections have a lot to do with loneliness. We encourage people to β€œfind themselves,” but like I explained to one, you’re right there. There’s nowhere to look. Just keep life simple and all the rest will unfold. Like one person said, to thine own self be true. But don’t overthink this.

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