Giving another “Hell” wishing for “Heaven” in the unseen Afterlife…

The Lord I know, teaches only Love!

So many religious beliefs request or command the living, to believe in what they preach, so that one gains that unseen and unknown entry pass, to the heaven they describe.

As per many of those preaching, being attracted to the same gender means a no questions asked entry pass to the hell they describe.

These beliefs thats well settled in a community, rejects so many heavenly hearts. The internal turmoil created by such rejection from childhood, to puberty, change these hearts so much that their internals become a living hell. But the hearts are so heavenly, that they see heaven on earth, and give decent attempts to make those others see.

I want to love you, when you stand near the railway station giving me leaflets to join a religious group that rejects my core, which directly tells me that I do not belong in Heaven, only you get access to it by standing here promoting to reject those humans with golden and innocent hearts. Believe me I want to Love you and tell you how much I love you, even though you show me hell by telling me I don’t belong.

Well what about those who perform mass murder by the name of the God they believe in, for that entry pass to the unseen heaven, giving hell to those who are living, the creations of the same God they believe in. I want to love them too. I want to understand them. I want them to see that I am a creation of God too!

What about that Queensland lady on news today, who had had a “Gutful” for having to wait to start a project to ruin earth more. I’m sorry for calling you a “bitch from hell” in my mind, a momentary reaction of my own “Gutful”. I really shouldn’t have thought those thoughts. As who knows what you believe in. Maybe you want to make a heaven on earth when heaven was given to you in the first place. But I wanna love you too. I want to understand you.

Because the Lord I know, teaches only Love!

– Nim –

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