When I feel like a Joke…

Most times I feel like a joke …

My own self esteem levels, which can be VERY low at times say to me that, “people”, who ever they are, think I’m a joke..

I now turn around and say to my self, to tell those perceived “people”, that they haven’t walked the life I have walked. Not to say I had the most difficult or easy life, but to say it’s been different to their lives. So if I am a joke in my perceived “people”‘s eyes, it is ok.

I am trying my best, and this is all I’ve got!

I am far from perfect, and if you were perfect you wouldn’t be laughing at me. You would be feeling empathy. If my imperfections make you laugh, you also have a long way to go, and don’t even know so.

At least I know I am imperfect!

I hope my “self” and it’s perceived “people” hear this. If not, I will try again, and again.

– Nim –

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