How my Flaws became my Features


For about three years now, I have been wanting to get back into a bit of coding. It was not only because I wanted to hang with the “cool kids” of this generation, it was because I know somewhere deep inside that I still have it in me.

But technology, including programming languages and their abilities keep changing everyday, as so many of the “cool kids” share and help each other every given moment, with their contributions to the tech stack they’re passionate about.

So making an entry, with my self-esteem levels appeared to be an impossible task.

How my Flaws became my Features

It’s not a bug, it is a feature

While scrolling through LinkedIn, I noticed a stranger named Vanessa Nimmo calling out for “People full of Features” to apply for a free ticket to hang with some “cool kids” who I now refer to as “Gems”

That’s when I went

Oh yay! My Flaws are working in my favour.

I applied, but never imagined my features were good enough, the feature called “low self-esteem” screaming out the usual song!

The lead-up to RailsCamp25 in Perth

Why did I apply for this stupid scholarship?

If screamo low self-esteem music was not enough, my insides had decided to play them using Dolby Digital Surround Sound System.

I was so scared, a couple of mornings I wanted to cry. I didn’t know how to run away. So there I was boarding the Qantas flying to Perth from Melbourne and introducing myself to Vanessa Nimmo herself who coincidentally was sitting in the same row as me.

Flying 30000 feet high:

I can’t take a break now, keep learning the basics of Ruby! Forget about the in-flight entertainment system, pull out the laptop and learn! You can’t waste this free ticket. People paid for you to be there!

The Human Gems

Built by God

Using Ruby on Rails,

The Universe Edition!

I can’t begin to describe how hot these “cool kids” are. Of course Nim had to checkout all of them for a second, before getting overwhelmed and bringing things back up to the head that’s above the belt!

Thank God!

I am not even joking, each individual I met at the Rails Camp is super attractive, that I was falling in love every day, going deeper every moment.

Thank you

  • For bringing this weirdo to psychological safety within a few hours.

Psychological Safety, a word wrapper introduced by Nick, for something we all knew well.

  • For showing all your unique personality types, and allowing me enough time to enjoy you for the unique gem you are.
  • For being so straight forward all the time, so that there was never a confusion about where you were coming from or what you meant.
  • For all the games we played
  • For all the teasing and the jokes.
  • For accepting my “double meaning” remarks with a light heart and jumping on them to take them to the next level.
  • For treating me with such kindness that I have only experienced in a camp like setup once before which was a monastery.

Good news was, I was allowed to smoke, and have a bit of alcohol, and do “what ever else” as a “responsible adult”

  • For everything you are, and everything you do to make this world a better place.

Who is Developer?

A person who keeps improving themselves in order to continuously contribute towards improving their view of the world and their worlds themselves.


I wanna buy one of those Nintendo thingies and play Mario Cart!

– Nim –

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