What about the Werewolves?


So there I was sitting among a group of highly talented Developers, playing a game called Werewolves. I didn’t really know what I subscribed to, until I was playing, and being a “Werewolf” in my first game itself.

The game requires convincing the group that you are someone in favour of the “Innocent Villagers”, and definitely not a Werewolf, the “Bad Guys”.

Although I hated being a Werewolf, it was fascinating to observe the players, their strategies. It was scary to observe that this is not just a game, and in “real world”, one has no idea “Who is Who in the Zoo”, especially if someone has mastered the art of “Conning”!

The Most Amazing Lesson: Team Work

After playing three addictive rounds of this game, and being an innocent Villager twice, what did I observe about me?

When a Werewolf, I am an absolute shit team player. I labeled myself the “Baddie”, and didn’t really support my team of “Werewolves”, I was trying to be “Kind” to the “Innocent Villagers” who in turn were trying to “Kill” me and my team. Retrospectively, it doesn’t make sense at all. So yeah, I was a “Shit Werewolf”!!!

Removing myself from the equation, I observed the care and support everyone passionately contributed to their team. Which was awesome to see, it reflects what a lot of us strive to excel at, this thing called “Team Work”.

How do we choose the friend and the foe?

It was mind-blowing to see how a group can assume friendship purely based on each individual perceptions, and with time, group perceptions. Also, it was interesting to see how the group established the “rights” and “wrongs” and then passionately supported those beliefs under the banner of “Loyalty to the team, the group who thinks like me”.

Of course this was a game, and we had to do that.

But, isn’t that “Real Life” as well?.

What about the Werewolves?

Due to the nature of the game, it was absolutely required to think of the Villagers as “Innocent” and Werewolves as the “Bad Guys”

But I have walked enough of a lifetime in this “Human Shell” to know, this is not just a game, and this is “Real Life” as well.

After a while, the labels are so strong, we don’t stop to observe and know the “Werewolf Story”, and the “Why” around their Werewolf-ness, and vice versa.

In my imaginary land of Rainbows and Unicorns, Werewolves and Humans can come to some middle ground.

The End – Looking forward to playing again!

I loved the game! I loved the lessons. I loved the way it immediately made me comfortable and safe around this “Alien Bunch”.

I feel the need to play more of it, observe different strategies, and game plans. I would love to know what I would do next as a “Werewolf”. I am learning so much about “Me”!

I am truly blessed! I haven’t learnt a lot of “Programming” yet, but I am learning a lot more than I imagined.

So can we play again please?

– Nim –

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