A Sister’s Love in a letter to a Brother


I have had an amazing journey with my sister, my only other sibling. She has always taken care of me, and I too have done the same, more in thought than in action. I suppose another way of saying that is, I have always had empathy towards her and her journey in life.

Since 2009, this relationship turned more towards a deep and soulful friendship. In 2015, it took yet another turn, where I titled her “Second Mother”.

Below is a letter she gifted me for my 37th birthday, in March 2017. It is a personal gift, and I’m sure she might have her views about me blogging it. But, if my life is captured in my blog, leaving this letter out would be like leaving out an important piece of Love.

The Letter

To my baby brother, who is no more a baby, but a man of 37…

Seven & Thirty years ago, my little world was dramatically altered. Here comes a brand new baby brother. One with charisma enough to tame the toughest of the relatives! One with free spirit and originality that could send everyone running to hideout in the Arctic!! One with a whole lot of drama that would give Marylyn Monroe a run for her money!!!

Oh man! What a change! My world was rocked!

I gotta tell you that growing up with you, at times I wanted to bang my head against the wall or go into an imaginary world where you did not exist, so as to hold on to the little sanity I had.

But, many a time, the urge to hold your hand to re-assure that everything was going to be ok, or to wrap my arms around you to protect you from the vicious world of a kid was so strange that it could break my heart if it would.

It hasn’t been easy to have you as a sibling for 37 years! But, I wouldn’t have it any other way. For you have been my baby, little brother, my closest friend. Not only you shared the shiniest, coolest side of you, but also the darkest, deepest depths of your soul with me!

Together as one, we have tracked through some amazing times gathering memorable experiences, not once loosing the love, kindness, and compassion for each other.

Our differences are like sky to the earth, but we have always managed to hold hands as siblings with deep understanding and silently be there for each other in our moments of need.

So this is my tribute to you for being the best sibling ever. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

I love you and wish you a wonderful rest of your life, one that would bring meaning to your soul searching, like monsoons to deserts.

Happy Birthday!

Lots of Love,


Back to Now

The Journey since then was almost like we jinxed our friendship. But distance bring people closer, as it distances any unhealthy “attachment” to one another, and bring out healthy levels of responsibility. I haven’t been the most responsible, and I can only speak for my self here. Irrespective of words spoken, my love for her hasn’t changed a tiny bit.

The Actual Letter

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