An Unfound U(niverse)

One of my dear friends who I refer to as “A Robin Hood of Our Time”, can be deemed as a “Hoarder”(among so many other things), by the Judgemental Gods of Our Society; the unique Human breed of the Being kind!

Although I would have preferred to separate my own “self” from these Judgemental society, I also do judge (or assess for want of a better word), and somewhat “Questioned” this aspect of RH+ (my friend, the Robin Hood of our time).

Today I felt like taking some pictures of this beautiful mess that I always admire. Thank God I didn’t question why I am taking these pictures, as at the time I didn’t know this is the finale of that trigger.

In a dark corner of this world, in both Physical location and society’s positioning, there are all these objects that were once purely only mind objects of an artist. And due to our age similarities and personality similarities, a lot of this beautiful chaos often brought back so much of my own childhood memories.

So although one must find paths to get from one corner to the other, it was one of the most comfortable places, I felt loved, I felt I belonged, and at peace.

One thing was clear about messy art, individually they were all lost, they appeared “waste of space”s and purposeless, But, together it brought out meaning, the beauty, the story, and love.

So here are some that captured my heart …

I’m a Babie Let’s go Party!

The Like Minded Lot Stuck in the Garbage Bin

See, I have so much colour!

Oh… So I’m Black. So I don’t have other colours. If all of you are saying, I must be wrong.

Ben and his Friends… (Yes RH+’s name is Ben!)

Out of curiosity I asked Ben;

What did the past “Ben” think when he collected these?

His answer was so simple, but gave me so much insight.

They were my friends!

Is all he had to say.

Fortunately Ben, like a certain other individual I know, the one I know the best, is blessed to have most of of the contraversial label’s that the society judges, and categories into as “The Lesser Lot”. LGBTIQ is just the biggest contravasial “judging label” of our time, but there are a lot more misunderstood labels that the same Rainbow gang, even with no guidence or collaboration tend to somehow stumble upon!

So I saw why Ben had lot of “stuff”.

Humans have already spoken and judged Ben, there is no hope, dream, so letting go of humans, even best friends who loves him isn’t a big deal.

But these other friends, mean the world to Ben. They never changed how much they love him. They didn’t care what Ben did or didn’t do, as they knew Ben’s heart, and they knew Love is the only cure!

So, the outcome unfortunately is, Ben’s very natural tendency to hang on to things that are closest to heart also gets a label to be judged “Hoarder”…

Ben, (the naughty one, not the other 10+ Bens I know)

I Hope you know how much you mean to me and how much you are loved.

– Nim –

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