The Barbaric Fight….


Today, Nim decided to Blog a brief chat between Nim and his friend, as the conversation isn’t unfamiliar to Nim, for whatever the reason.

The Conversation

Nim’s Friend:

The only way to fix some people is to beat the crap out of them!


Who is broken to be fixed? I can’t believe X (Nim’s Friend) is saying these words! So one has become curious to know “who did what”!

Nim’s Friend:

Seriously speaking, I am fed up of people trampling all over me to achieve their personal goals. Do you at times feel that you do not fit into this society? Wish that you could exit this barbaric fight, and just go and live on your own in a small place far far away from this society’s mechanics?


X (Nim’s Friend),… This probably is the last thing you want to hear right now.. I know, as it is usually the last thing I want to hear when I have felt the same as you do. But there is nothing else that is better to hear…

The barbaric fight, is “nature”…

Unevolved humans are not any different to any other animal. They are all Ego and Self driven. If one attempts to rise above it all and see that it is nothing but “nature”, one can feel less frustrated about it, and instead have some compassion towards the ignorance.

Living on one’s own in a far far away place may also have it’s own “nature” issues.

Living in a monastery in a far far away place with very gentle and evolved human beings may also have it’s own “nature” issues.

So how do we solve a problem like “nature”?

One at a time, get human beings to see this, so that they can start stepping out of them selves. Then the barbaricness of our living and work will change and one starts enjoying. Because it’s more loving, giving, considering, and caring.

Am I talking utter nonsense and eutopia?

Trust me I’m not. Australia is leaps and bounds ahead in the uptake of spirituality and humanity aspects of “life”. So I am beginning to feel these changes. The current project I’m in is amazing, almost a dream come true. I’m finally back in Love with IT. (Although I’m laying in bed being unwell as I type this while uttering to myself “I hate life”, which is a temporary feeling due to sickness, which is also nature)

Unfortunately, Sri Lanka, which has temples every 3 steps down any road, and every 3rd person having read the Thripitaka (Pāli Canon), who’s trying to teach the other 3rd person the Thripitaka (Pāli Canon), while feeling superior about who was right, and together discriminate against anyone who is not in their team, let it be due to religious, racial, gender, sexuality, economical, social, or what ever else, reasons, … These people are furthest away from Buddha. Probably further than a meat eating indeginous person in any part of the world. Because the indeginous understood nature and respected it! So unfortunate, as Sri Lanka is so blessed in every aspect one can look at, but all those aspects have gone into people’s heads (Egos)!!!

I hope you, as my very first friend with whom I have had very deep and spiritual conversations with, will be able to see past the struggle and make things work. 😘

So long story short, knowing you and me, it’s quite ok to feel “I don’t fit in this society”, because it’s different to how our internals operate. But if we get deep inside to our internals, we may see very very small aspects of these “barbaricness”. That doesn’t make you fit in, that makes you realise “OMG!” 😜

– Nim –

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