Love Actually … An inspiration from the Movie

How many versions of love… actually..

Most heading for understanding,
but some cannot avoid misunderstanding
Many versions of Love

Trying to be found in communications,
yet often lost in miscommunications
Many versions of Love

Always hope for a happy ever after,
but often stop by painful chapter ,
and some surprising falling outs!

I must be sadistic to see such beauty…
in such torturous pain…

I must be luntic to hold onto this feeling…
in an impermanent life…

When this feeling ….
Is only a perception, an object of my mind
Another reality of my world!

Can’t be more insane than to expect
Similar existence in your world
Which Perfectly aligns with my world
And Together to Project ..
A Shared Reality

– Nim –

P.S: Watched the movie for the first time, and I really enjoyed it.

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