Just show the tip of the iceberg…

It’s always easier to criticize another… If looking into one’s own self was easy, everyone would be arahaths/enlightened.

The irony is one can only ever see a tiny bit of another. Even if that person is your closest relative… Just like a tip of an iceberg….

So all anyone’s criticism about you, is like a full analysis of measurements, composition, age, etc about an entire iceberg, after seeing only the tip of it…

I used to be quite impacted if someone criticizes me, and I still get ever so slightly impacted… But I always try to remember that they don’t know me, or my story at all…

Further, I almost feel accepting these criticisms by make them believe them also works, and could even be fun…

So if people think you, your attire, your looks, your behaviour is weird, I’d say rub it in their face….

As long as it’s not in the way of a Titanic, make them believe in what ever they believe, just show the tip of the iceberg…

– Nim –

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