To know that one tiny dot,  although nowhere to be found,  completed the picture!

I have read on the internet that over 108 billion human beings have walked on this planet since the beginning of time. Now, this is probably an estimation, and we could even be wrong about the “beginning of time”. But for now, let’s go with what we have.

Last night, while wondering into the cold and misty night by myself, it occurred to me that we have had over 108 billion unique experiences of this planet, over 108 billion ways of looking at life on earth. Without a doubt, all of them, at least for a period of their life, would have thought of themselves as the most important human being ever existed. Of course, there would be nothing wrong with that, being the centre of one’s own universe, and the only human being one has control over.

But if we had gotten each of these humans to draw a dot on a blank piece of A4 paper, a dot for their own human experience, and all 108 billion human beings drew on the same sheet of paper, one would not see any dots, one wouldn’t be able to separate a dot, one would only see all dots merged into one colour, like a high quality printout.

Imagine if one was so identified with the dot they drew, and go looking for it in the completed picture?

Now, wouldn’t that be a disappointing experience?

But imagine, if one was just pleased to have contributed a dot, just like everyone else.

Now, wouldn’t that bring a sense of pleasure?

To know that one tiny dot, although nowhere to be found, completed the picture!

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