Why it helps to help another…

So here is my reading for the day, for myself, which I felt like sharing.

We are often too busy focusing on our life, our problems, our dreams.

It’s not a bad thing, it’s quite human I’d say…

Well, I’d hope it’s quite normal and human as I’m quite guilty of this, being single and 38 years old, dreading the thought of getting old without finding any hopelessly romantic love 😉

But, the more we look for something to “complete” us, the more we are in lack!

The more we feel “incomplete”.

So if we focus on another, is it running away from your own problems?

Well, Yeah, and Nay!

Focusing on enriching someone elses life, in thought, words, or deeds, will not only make us happy, but give us time to heal, time to breathe, time to step away from that sense of being “incomplete”.

So yes, you step away from your “problems”, but you’ve made someone else happy, resulting in your own happiness.

You probably will come back to your percieved “problem” with a sense of being “complete”, and relook at your life, and find hope.

A lot of things in life, you can go looking for and creating. But most of them are in the material world.

When it comes to human connections, let it be love and romance, or friendships, you can’t go looking for them, they just happen!

So, I’m choosing today to be kind to others, and of course be kind to my own self.

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