It’s time to look back, at this miracle called Life!

Looking out through the cracked window
I see the cracks glistening in the sunlight
The shattered hopes and dreams
I can almost hear they say

What an Idiot!

I close the curtains to stop the sunlight
The darkness hides the cracks, as if they don’t exist

But I hear the song of a bird, echoing into the darkness of my room
I open the curtains once again…
Only to see the cracks smiling at me…

I close my eyes

Look beyond! To the far away sky..

I hear the bird sing once again…

The clouds still floating
The sun still shining
The stars are there somewhere, not visible to my naked eye

Life exists beyond these cracks!

I tell myself

Why focus on what’s broken?

Why focus on what’s left behind?

Why can’t I see the little rainbow shining through the dark clouds?

Why can’t I see the river reflecting life itself?

Why can’t I see the Sun dancing around the clouds?

It’s time to look beyond the cracked window!

It’s time to find life again, in a breath of fresh air…

It’s time to look back at this miracle called Life!

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