Sometimes I wonder, whether a genuine try in the truth one knows, is as good as “getting it”.

Two thousand five hundred years or so later, in a far away land from India, where the blessed Buddha, Gauthama Siddhartha was born, found a universal truth, spoke of a universal truth, and dwelled, I was blessed to see a small community working hard on this “Bak Full Moon Poya Day”, to bring up structures, to continue his story.

After all that has been said and done by myself, although I know, creating massive structures, lighting oil lamps, or burning incense was not what the blessed one preached, I must admit, the unmistakable smell of incense, a familiar surrounding with familiar statues and trees, distant echos of a familiar language makes me feel like home. Of course I was afraid to make friends or engage in conversation.

Afraid of what I ask?

Afraid of being rejected I know.

But maybe that wouldn’t even happen. But I didn’t care to attempt.

But I did a bit of meditation around the Bodhi Tree, and around the many statues, feeling amazed how such a place comes to life in a far away land from where it all started.

Knowing the mind, mastering the mind, knowing that the “I” that causes such worldly drama doesn’t actually exist, knowing that we all are connected through all time and space; Have they got it? Have I fully grasped it?

Sometimes I wonder, whether a genuine try in the truth one knows, is as good as “getting it”.

My thanks to The Buddhist Temple Daham Niketanaya, it’s founders, and everyone who contributes to its existence. Many thanks and blessings for bringing some peace to me on this Poya Day.

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