How should one respond or react to the presence or the absence of the Moon’s sight?

As one may already be aware, a full moon day, we can see all of the moon, at least the part of the moon that is facing the earth. That’s when the Sun, the Earth, and the Moon have all aligned in such a way that the maximum possible land area of the Moon can fully reflect the light it receive from the Sun, towards the earth.

Amazingly enough, more than a few religions that exist here on earth today gives a significance to the Moon and it’s positioning. My limited knowledge of Buddhism and Hinduism says that these religeons have advised their followers to spend certain “Moon Days” reflecting on one’s own self, actions, and their consequences experienced, and observe carefully one’s own mind activity.

  • Some days we can’t see the Moon at all.
  • Some days we can see a bit of the Moon.
  • Some days we can see all of the (possible area of the) Moon.

Irrespective of which day we look in the Sky, and irrespective of whether one can see the moon or not, few things are certain:

  • The Sun Exists
  • ‎The Sun Emits Light and Energy
  • The Moon Exists
  • The Moon Reflect the Light and the Energy of the Sun.
  • ‎The Earth Exist
  • The Earth Receive the light and energy of the Sun mostly directly, but also through reflective land masses such as the Moon.
  • I exist, or else how can I be looking at the Moon (or understand the absense of it’s sight).

Today happens to be a full moon day. In Sri Lanka, the country I was born in, celebrate today as “Madin Pōya” (මැදින් පොහොය).

I’m unsure how the Sinhalese name for the full moon day in March was derived, but as per my understanding of the Sinhala language, “Madin” (මැදින්) means “through the middle”.

It is common and understandable that as human beings, we “like” things, let it be pictures, sounds, tastes, smells, touches, or thoughts of these, that are pleasurable.

If one imagine, seeing a full moon gives one’s self pleasure, and not seeing a full moon gives one’s self displeasure, and if one already understand that one can or can’t see the Moon based on positioning of Sun, Earth, Moon, and One’s own self;

How should one respond or react to the presence or the absence of the Moon’s sight?

I have realized, that one should respond or react to this impartially. Through the middle or a centred response, or through the knowing that “such is life” and “this too shall pass”.

Similarly, I have realized that “Nothing” can be categorised as “good” or “bad”. All exist in any given moment. But knowing that depending on the presence or absence of “Something”, impact one’s emotional reaction or response, thereby feel pleasure or pain, and looking at such responses impartially, without judgement, helps to heal one’s self.

I have chosen to continue to love my self. Just like a parent loves a child, just like how we believe “God” (or what ever the lable we use) loves “me”. I have chosen to observe that somedays and somethings make me feel “pain”, and some others make me feel “pleasure”, and most make me feel “neither pleasure or pain”. I have chosen to not judge myself for my “feeling” as what ever my reaction is natural to all animals, let alone human beings.

But, I have chosen to always know that pleasure and pain are two sides of the same coin, one can’t exist without the other, one cannot be felt without the other.

So on this “Madin Pōya” (මැදින් පොහොය);

I choose myself to always be impartial to the existence or absense of all things.


I wish all selves to always be impartial to the existence or absense of all things.


May I always be at Peace, May You always be at Peace, and May All always be at Peace with the existence and absence of all things.


May all have the ability to heal one’s own emotional self.


– Nim –

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