Let’s test this magic shit!

It was Tenth day in the month of September, Twenty Seventeen. Well, I cheated, I had to look at Facebook to check the date, although I usually remember this shit.

I wanted to visit Newbury Buddhist Monastery, Victoria, Australia, but I had stayed up late, and maybe partied a bit too much couple of days before it. Since it was already planned, I didn’t want to cancel my plans, despite my actions that lead upto the day.

I caught the train from Southern Cross Station, Melbourne, Australia and got off at Woodend, Victoria, Australia. Then I caught a bus from Woodend to Trenthem, Victoria, Australia. I met some lovely people on the train and on the bus, but that’s another story for another day. I thought I’ll hitch hike the rest of the way, to the monastery, but nobody stopped.

So I decided to walk a little, dance a little, smoke a little, then write a lot. What came out was kinda weird, but hey, everyone knows I’m weird!!!

Let’s test this magic shit.

There are so many possibilities to choose from.

Latest Fairytale

I chose to be the Buddha,

let go of attachment to the title,

got lost on the way,

forgot the choice,

changed choices based on lessons learnt,

what I came to do changing irrationally,

One minute pilot, next minute monk,

One minute Engineer, next minute teacher,

One minute Software Engineer, Next minute textile Engineer,

One minute accepted, next minute rejected,

One minute angry, next minute kind,

One minute girl, next minute boy,

One minute poor, next minute rich,

One minute in love, next minute in lust!

It was mad world where everyone played the game to win. The GirlBoy was lost,

trying to adjust, align, apply,

and forgot about a game, and forgot about winning, and forgot about the fairytale.

Then came Prince Charming, with a brief kiss, reminded the lost GirlBoy, she is gifted, to have the best of everything, and teachers along the way.

Story took a turn, Prince Charming became the hero, but he didn’t want it.

Lost Girlyboy found herself, met the beauty and the beast, said hello to Simba, Kung-fu Panda, and many more fairy tales.

Lost boy is found, and don’t know what to do with fame. I mean;

Neither black, nor white,

Neither boy, nor girl,

Neither mother, nor father,

Neither top, nor bottom,

Neither cocky, nor pussy…..

Neither religious, nor spiritual,

Neither Teacher, nor Student,

Neither Buddha, nor Jesus,

and Mohammad is his dad who he put to safety first.

Found Lost Boy, the Minimalist Fashionable, and Rejected Fashion Icon, calls himself “Other”.

Oops. I have found what the halabaloo is about, but many found the same wanky shit!

My job as the “Other Teacher”, who didn’t read the fine print, was larger than life. All in one version.

How to tell what “Other” is, when I’m the first.

All in one version,

Did the alchemist,

Prayed “Oh God”,

Found fury hotness in many Mohammeds, although dad didn’t have a bit of fur.

Oops, one was Jesus,

everyone knew was Mohammed 8.0,

Same features, different colours, same price to pay. I mean WTF!

And then, cool shit made WTF easy, but I’m neither ICE nor Potty, so now I use some magic, to call upon a team;

Neither family, nor friend,

Neither God, nor Spirit,

Neither Colleague, nor friend,

Neither Teacher, not Student,

Neither lover, not a fuck…..

and Poof……

Then came John Rutten, the sane version of Nim, not enough manliness, with no warranty.

Jenni Pangalila, she is just cool, and not with Ice.

Louise Kennedy, had a driblet, while I had a puffet.

Marty van Steel, the human slave, who loved enough to judge…

Please help me, before “Other” becomes “Another”. Pick your teams, I’m over this shit. Trust, but when in doubt let’s discuss. Choose the venue, and the time. Import Lukas Bruttel, let me focus on one, they’re all sexy, but it’s a bit Incest, Lukas will handle the legal charming , I mean he is the Prince Charming!

Continue the magic,

or Vote “No” to Earth

and find Heaven in Mars,

while the “Other” and “Another” disappears.

Chain of trust, that meets the heart, who didn’t compete, I trust you, like God trusted me, now I need some Ice, but I’m in the wrong place, and definitely the wrong time. Maybe it’s a sign from who knows I’m nice.

Love you all….

So world peace, and not about the price, and definitely not the size.

We won, and give me a fucking break!

– Nim –

I ever so slightly modified the original version. But largely untouched. With or without Ice, I’m so Ice Cool!!! LOL!

I’m sorry about the language, and socially unacceptable references, to socially unaccepted things. But, when was I ever in the majority? So fuck it! I like what I wrote, and meant.

I love “me” just enough!

– Nim –

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