Once a Fox, always a Fox …

– During my time in the Newbury Buddhist Monastery, Victoria, Australia, I got to see a lot of Wombats. Usually they only come out in the night, unless they’re sick. I was lucky to be among the loving kind monastics and lay people who took it upon them to try and ease the pain of the ailing wombats –

The Story of the Ailing Wombat

Wombat works hard to create a home, digging quite a while, to create a home, some comfort and safety for itself, and maybe it’s family. It only comes out in the night.

But what does the cunning Fox do? It waits patiently looking at the Wombat who works hard, wait till the Wombat leave it’s home, only to steal it’s home. During this time the Fox dwells in the Wombat home, it sheds it’s fleas in the Wombat nest. Not only the Wombat has to create another home, it gets deceases from the Fox’s fleas. The sick wombat doesn’t know day and night anymore, and walks around blindly in broad daylight. Then comes these weird people dressed in brown or white, creeping up behind them to pour some liquid on their backs, only to help them, but the Wombat once bitten, is more than twice shy.

Wombat probably questions;

Why can’t the Fox watch what I do, learn for itself, work hard and make it’s own home

Human probably answers;

It’s the Nature’s way; Once a Fox, always a Fox, and Wombat continues to be a Wombat.

The Animal World

This is quite common in the animal world, stealing other’s nests, attacking the weakest of a herd for food, wait till someone else finds some food, only to steal, etc. This is their instinctive nature. Although animals may evolve over long periods of time to better suit nature around them, their primary instinctive nature will always be the same.

The Blessed Human Being

Human being is the highest of all beings in terms of all of nature’s creations.


Human beings have the ability to be instinctive, but also have the ability to learn for themselves. They can create, recreate, replay in their mind, to introspect and retrospect. They can look at the entire animal world and not only learn, but can improve, they don’t have to always be the same, and do the same. Humans have the ability to choose to be harmful or be harmonious.

But most Human beings instead of using their in-built blessing, their God-like nature, they harm each other for their own benefit, just like the Foxes, or probably a lot worse!

I wouldn’t want to insult Mr. Fox by comparing it to some humans.


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