Your Blindness to Other Beings …

I’m so glad,

of your Intent for All Beings

I’m so glad,

of your Love for a Few Beings

I’m so glad,

of your Super Vegan Being


Not so much,

Of your Uber Special Being

Not so much,

Of your Harm to Human Beings

Not so much,

Of your Blindness to Other Beings


I generally do not like to talk about Veganism or Vegetarianism, as we all have a choice to live a life the way we desire. We all should have a choice to lessen harm to other beings including human beings, that co-exist our lovely planet earth. But when Vegans, or Vegetarians speak of themselves in a super hero theme, I like nothing but to slap their sorry arses, to focus on reality.

The cup of rice, lentils, beans, or your greens would have taken so many lives of insects, bugs, and worms, during the making. In fact, if one purely focus on the “number of killings”, that cup of rice would have killed thousands, and the one who eats a lamb chop, is sharing one kill with many people.

So please proceed, delude yourself that you harm no animals during your existence, while rubbing your stupid blind views on anyone that eats meat, there is no cure for stupidity. As I said, we all should have a choice to lessen the harm to all animals, but that should include humans as well as the tiniest insect. Not just the ones big enough for your naked eye to see their suffering.


I was blessed to be born to a Muslim father who had enough wisdom to find out for himself what Halal was about, rather than blindly fuss about eating only Halal meat, which is hardly any halal due to modern day halal practices. The actual practice of Halal involves the person who slaughters the animal stand on a hot piece of metal, thus understanding the pain and suffering for himself, and cut one of the main veins and arteries that goes across the animals neck. The animal will bleed to death, hence will die a death closest to natural death, a heart failure (in this instance due to insufficient blood flow). Of course I neither would be able to do it myself, nor would be able to watch it, but if we are to kill, this must be the most kind way to kill, reducing the pain to the animal.

– Nim –

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