“Still waters run deep”, indeed!

The reflection of Nature, through the stream of Water, I can see. I know it doesn’t exist in the water, it’s only a reflection.

The stream is relatively calm, so I can see this reflection. The water is a little muddy, so the reflection looks a little muddy. Had the stream been a little less calm, and rough, would I have seen this reflection? I would have seen a reflection, but nothing that reflects the true nature.

The calmer the waters, the cleaner the waters, it would reflect something closer to the true nature. Then I can even learn the shapes and colours of true nature, even if the physical existence I could see no more. The reflection would have been enough, but only if the waters were calm and clean.

Our mind is similar to this stream of water. The more rough and muddy it gets with our own beliefs, pride, prejudices, and experiences held on to as the only experience, we will see a reflection that is further from true Nature. The calmer and cleaner we can make this stream of water in our mind, by understanding the aspects that has made our own mind, our views or perceptions, we will be able to study true nature, only with the reflection, even when the physical existence is no more.

The best we can do is clean our own waters, calm our own waters, reflect on our own physical experiences.

The other can be guided, maybe, but they have to do their own cleaning and calming.

Such is Nature, the calmer and cleaner, it gets closer to the truth.

“Still waters run deep”, indeed!

– Nim –

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