My first extended break from my stay in the monastery

– As discussed in my previous posts categorised under “A Crazy Turn”, I went to Newbury Buddhist Monastery, Victoria, Australia on the 1st of July 2015. During this time, my home was based in Peregian Beach, Queensland, Australia. I took my first break on the 1st of August 2015, only for a week, mainly to see a Psychiatrist to get a reassessment of my previous diagnosis given by Nambour General Hospital, Queensland, Australia. I returned to the monastery, stayed two more weeks and took a longer break on the 17th August 2015, to return to my former home, to remove my belongings, properly resign from work, and move back to Melbourne. Below is a note I had written after this 3 week break. –

Map images of my two day journey:

P.S: My stay in Sunshine Coast was quite weird. Not many wanted to meet me except a few. Fortunately Maya, and Rob, gave me accomodation and gave me courage and confidence I needed during this break. At the time Karen, Rob‘s sister was also living in the same home, with Maya and Rob, waiting to get a Lung Transplant done. I was truly blessed to receive such comfort from people I never expected it from.

Maya and Me!

However, was disappointed with people I held so close, for not receiving me as expected. I later learnt that this was their own issue, and not mine. Also learnt that the hurt and anger was due to my own expectations, not necessarily any promises they have made.

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