The Voices in “My Head”!

One say Yes!
Another say No!
Who was that?
Did it say Maybe?
The Voices in “My Head”!

Why say Yes, when “I” “think” No?
Why say No, when “I” “think” Yes?
Whats this Maybe?
When “I” already feel Confused!
The Voices in “My Head”!

Was the “Yes” Right?
Or was it Wrong?
Was the “No” Wrong?
Or was it Right?
Maybe seems Fair,
Although too much Doubt!
The Voices in “My Head”!

Which one is the Friend
Which one is the Foe
How may “I” Know?
When Friend become Foe,
For the Foe to become Friend,
Another time
Maybe does No Good to “Me”
All the time
The Voices in “My Head”!

Friends or Foes
Only when they Know Why!
Yes or No, Do “I” Know Why?
When, Maybe only makes more Time!
The Voices in “My Head”!

All “My” Friends
When, “I” know Why!
The Voices in “My Head”!

– Nim –

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