Letters to Teachers – Written from the Monastery – 05

– A series of thank you letters / notes written to my most important teachers in Australia, written during my initial stay (or soon after) at Newbury Buddhist Monastery, Victoria, Australia –

Note: I strongly believe everything thing around us, everything within us (i.e. thoughts, emotions) teach us. My first teachers would have been my parents (the time I don’t even remember), then a series of teachers appeared. My Life in Australia, that started on my 30th Birthday (a few hours before) on 19th March 2010, was indeed the biggest growth spurt (spiritual) I’ve experienced. So these teachers I have thanked are some who helped my journey

Letter to Michi (Michi Tyson / Michi Tyson)

Today’s Situation:

Let me give a brief into. I met Michi when she came to Atmail to do a 3 day ICAgile workshop. First thing I thought to myself was:

“Fuck, she is Hot! And I love her Neck thingy, what ever that was!”.

It was Love at first sight (not necessarily that way as I’m into Boys, really!!). The way she introduced Agile, I realized I love Agile too. Later, she became our manager, and took us further in the Agile journey.

I started my career in IT in February 2003, so close to 15 years. My most favourite Manager and my most favourite Teacher I’ve met within the IT career is Michi. She is not always “Nice”, in fact she is pretty tough. But, I had no issues with it as I knew I was learning and we were being productive. Unfortunately, not everyone saw it that way, and within IT industry most engineers only value people with high technical background. They somehow do not accept anyone who is not that technical, or do not understand their lingo. This I find really annoying, and I was quite sad when I found out they couldn’t see the value she brings.

In a way I’m really glad it happened, as now she runs her own business.

After leaving the company we worked for, we became really good friends. I’ve stayed over at her place twice where Michi and her husband, Brendan spoilt me with lovely home made cuisines. I also have met her in Melbourne once, where she gave the team I was working for at Slater and Gordon Lawyers a free Agile introduction session.

I’m so blessed to have met her and I love her heaps.

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