Who Cares? The World is Alive! My World is Alive!

It’s a Map, It’s a Path
But path to what?
Maybe a Treasure!


Did you say a Treasure?

What are we waiting for?

Let’s find it!


What can it be?
Maybe a box of Gold!

I can build a Palace
Maybe have a Ferrari
Anything I want.



Off we Go
Dreaming to be Rich
Night falls
It’s further than we thought!


I’m over it!

This is a stupid idea!

Whose idea was it?


Then we start to argue
Whose idea it was
Who was right and who was wrong
Who gets what
We are hurting each other



C’mon friends
It’s only a map
We don’t know yet


But they don’t hear
they don’t care


Some are dead
Some are hurt
Some have fallen out


Some go off again

Night falls again
It’s further than we thought


I’m too tired

I can’t go on

This is stupid

I’m giving up



But don’t focus on the treasure
Enjoy the time, look at the stars


But they don’t hear
they don’t care



Off we go again
Till night fall again
Not much tired
But too much talking


When will we get there?

What will it feel like?

What if there is nothing?

What if someone tricked?

Should we go back again?

Did we miss a turn?

Is this map correct?



Who cares?
Aren’t we having fun?
This is my treasure
having fun with you


But they don’t hear
they don’t care


They decide to discuss
They decide to plan better
While I took off again
Knowing they’ll follow


Wow it’s beautiful

I’ve never seen this before

Look at the trees

Look at the flowers

Look at the rivers

Look at the water falls

Look at the birds

Look at the fish

Look at the animals

Look at them making love

Look at them finding food

Look at them feeding themselves

Look at them feeding each other

Look at them feeding on each other

Look at the Sun

Look at the Dusk

Look at the Night Sky

Look at the Moon

Look at the Stars

Look at the Dawn

Look at the Morning Sky

Look at the Sun Rise


Look, Look, Look


But I’m all alone
To see All is Alive
To see this Miracle


Where is the Map?

I’ve lost the Map!

What about the treasure?

I wonder what I’ve missed?

Did I go past?

Is it further ahead?


Who Cares?
The World is Alive!
My World is Alive!


– Nim –

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