Letters to Teachers – Written from the Monastery – 02

– A series of thank you letters / notes written to my most important teachers in Australia, written during my initial stay (or soon after) at Newbury Buddhist Monastery, Victoria, Australia –

Note: I strongly believe everything thing around us, everything within us (i.e. thoughts, emotions) teach us. My first teachers would have been my parents (the time I don’t even remember), then a series of teachers appeared. My Life in Australia, that started on my 30th Birthday (a few hours before) on 19th March 2010, was indeed the biggest growth spurt (spiritual) I’ve experienced. So these teachers I have thanked are some who helped my journey

Letter to Adam (Adam Sowden)

Today’s Situation

We had parted as Coach-Client late 2013. Since then I met both Adam and Claire, his wife (Claire Sowdon) multiple times on my infamous inter-state moves. I’ve always loved him, and his family, and I’m sure he feels similar.

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