What Really Happened?

A Distance Smile
That Cheeky Look
Flavoured with a Wink
Maybe a Flying Kiss

Holding Hands
Protecting from the Sun
Fighting for Love
A Kiss here and A Kiss there
Everytime when Alone

A Beautiful Dress
A Handsome Suit
A Big Party with All they Know
A Celebration of Love

Alone together, what a terrible idea
Not much Kissing, at least not each other
A lot of fighting, but between each other
Holding hands,but pushing each other

A Flying Kiss, only to Another
A Lot more than a Wink, only to Another
Frowning Look, at each other
Distance, the more the better

But, Why?

What did you Like?
What did you Love?
What did you Hide?
What did you Know?
What did you Own?
What did you Think?

What Really Happened?

– Nim –

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