The Pain One Delivers, Is the Blessing What Delivers Them

If we die today, we leave all of that is important to my “self” behind.

What is important to my “self”?
  • Everything that we hold so close labelling them “Mine”, “Ours”.People we like, Victories, Pleasures, Memories, Labels that “I” or “We” like that we or others refer “Me” or “Us” as, Beliefs that we accept, etc,.
  • Everything that we distance from us labelling “My”, “Our”. People we don’t like, Problems, Pains, Memories, Labels that “I” or “We” don’t like that we or others refer “Me” or “Us” as, Beliefs that we reject, etc,.

We all want to be “Happy“, what ever each of us mean as “Happy“. One’s definition of “Happy” is different to Another’s definition of “Happy” from an external / worldly sense. But deep within us, it means the same. We all want to go through life peacefully.

We all reject “Unhappiness“, what ever each of us mean as “Unhappy“. One’s definition of “Unhappy” is different to Another’s definition of “Unhappy” from an external / worldly sense. But deep within us, it means the same. We all want to go through life peacefully.

Only when we experience unbearable pain emotionally, we seem to know how blessed we were before in “happy” emotions. When we already have “happy” emotions, we take it for granted.

So One must use “pain” as a tool, to make it into a peaceful feeling.

“The Pain One Delivers, Is the Blessing What Delivers Them” – Nim

The painful times one has carried as a burden in their mind, gives the opportunity and tools to turn them into eternal pleasure

According to Blessed Gauthama Siddhartha, most other Prophets and Spiritual Teachers, and my own personal experience, there are Five Hinderences that come in the way of our True Happiness

  • Greed

Clinging to only things that are pleasurable. This is natural for all beings, including humans. But we are human, so we can see this. We should practice seeing this for what it is, enjoy the pleasure but also know, from pleasure comes pain, when pleasure is not there.

  • Aversion

Completely rejecting things that are painful, rather than knowing that that too are aspects of life. One must use these things as the opportunity to know we cling to only pleasurable things and understand nature of life.


One only gets bored if one is not interested in an activity. That doesn’t make them a “Lazy Person”. It’s just that they don’t like that activity. One must choose what they are passionate about and use that as the path to understand nature of life. Some day to day activities are must to carry on with life. Being bored about these doesn’t serve us. We need to understand how we can make these activities into interesting activities or make the process efficient, so that we get through them faster and spend more time on what we really like doing.


One is restless only if one is constantly thinking about past things that happened to them or when they think too far ahead into the future. One must use the past to learn, and set intentions for future, but spend more time in the current moment or “Now”, and take slow and steady steps to get to the desired future. Desired future should ideally be a state that serves one and all others. If it’s benefiting for all, then, nature will guide the way. “Meditation” is the method to slow down mind chatter or get rid of restlessness. Meditation doesn’t require a seperate time. It’s putting full focus on the current activity one does. If one is passionate about the activity, they can do it. For an example, if you like painting, that automatically takes you to restful or peaceful meditative place. When you paint you’re fully present. You can’t go to past and worry and go to future and worry. You are painting. Same with Surfing, Kayaking, Sports, Writing, Etc,. What ever One is passionate about.

Self Doubt

This is the last and most difficult hinderence to overcome. One must see them for who they are, not more, not less. One must come to terms with aspects of them they like and don’t like; the good, bad, and ugly. It’s only then they can slowly remove the ugly, turn ugly and bad towards good (use it for the good of one and others), and improve the good. Good, bad, and ugly is only how we look at things, our perceptions usually. The “real” Good, Bad, Ugly definitions should come from questions like “Does this serve my own self? Does this serve others?” And not from our cultural, religious, or social beliefs or constructs.

If one can observe one’s own “self”, one’s own mind on how these hinderernces present themselves in day to day life, that’s a good starting point. Once aware of these, one can work on these. This will lead one to pure happiness, not the external worldly one, but what we all really desire from an internal sense.

Don’t take my word for it, that will not serve you. Take my word and apply it to your own life, see for yourself.

Taking anyone’s word makes them become “better than you”. There is no such thing as “better than you” or “worse than you”. We are all equal from a fundamental inner sense. Only how we behave is different.

I Love You All.

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