Day 03 – Notes written during my stay at the Monastery

– Notes written during my stay at the Newbury Buddhist Monastery, Victoria, Australia –

Day 03

3rd July 2015

What do I see as the Pros and Cons of being a Monk/Monastic

Pros – Being a Monk/Monastic
  • Away from all the worldly drama.
  • Have the guidance and support structure that is required to “Learn Dhamma” and “Practice Dhamma”.
  • Guidelines and Rules are in place to facilitate the “Disciplined Life”.
  • Since donors & other members of the institute takes care of the basic needs, Monastics can fully concentrate on doing their job:

Social Service

Get closer to enlightenment


Be enlightened

Cons – Being a Monk / Monastic
  • Monastics may have their own set of drama
  • I personally don’t agree with some of the rules (Allowables, Etc)
  • Dealing with “Lay People” may bring back memories from the past.
  • Require to follow an established structure / process, and limited to express your own thoughts and feelings.
  • Will be labeled “Buddhist”, which will be an immediate “No” from people from other religions, if you’re to convey a message.

What are the Pros and Cons of going back to the “Real World”, yet live my New Found*** beliefs.

Pros – Back to “Real World”
  • No rules, no limitations, hence I can practice what I feel is right.
  • Free to express myself to the world in anyway via Blog / Facebook without having to worry about potential “Brand Damage” of an “Institution”
  • I don’t need to label myself as a Buddhist, hence I have the ability to convey a message to “Non-buddhist” community

*** New Found: These were already existing, but clouded with cultural baggage, current day social structures, and self doubt.

Cons – Back to “Real World”
  • Too close to “Real World” and will require a lot more effort to be disciplined.
  • Limited time to learn, discuss, and write about Dhamma.
  • Limited time to practice meditation, etc.
  • No structure, hence easy to be lazy.

After 3 days at the monastery, how do I see my future?

  • Doing what I’m doing now, helping as a lay person, looking after monastics’ needs seem appealing to me
  • I definitely can help out in the setting up of the monastery.

Manual Labour

Process optimization (office)

Looking after Monastics

Looking after the place

  • I can also help myself

Learn new skills (Handy man)

Learn about Dhamma

Learn and practice meditation


Social work

  • I also can take “leave” and go to the “Real World” for breaks, to visit friends and family.
  • The longer I stay in a monastery as a Lay Person, the more clarity I will get about what I want to do.
  • E.g:

Social service as a Lay Person

Social service as a monastic in Newbury

Social service as a monastic in Australia

Social service as a Lay person or a monastic in Sri Lanka.

Complete change (None of the above)

  • World is my Oyster

Is Atmail history for me?

  • Yes.
  • I’ve always wanted to do community services
  • Whether it’s at the place I’m at or a different place, I know I’m in the right direction.
  • I definitely want to read more about Dhamma and Practice more.

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