X-Guys, A group of Teenagers

– A Thank you Note, to a group of friends, who made me feel inclusive, back in School days (1997-1999, Nalanda Vidyalaya, Colombo, Sri Lanka).

The group was named “X-Guys”, heavily influenced by Marvel comic, X-Men.

Note: This image doesn’t belong to me. It came up in a Google search. I don’t intend to steal, so please be kind and let it be in this blog.

Most of us were in the same class, except Pandula, most of us played Basketball, except Kusal.

The group consisted of:

  • Ubhaya (Captain)
  • Vinod (Vice Captain)
  • Pandula
  • Nuwan
  • Priyal
  • Eranga
  • Nimeshe – Me (Couldn’t really play, Only selected because of the height, hence named Swan (හන්සයා), meaning to say, only the looks or ornamental)
  • Kusal (Primary Supporter and Motivator)

Not all could make it to our meeting after 18 years, but we had another friend –


I was struggling to find
Find that word for the feeling
The feeling I felt
When I finally saw all of you again.

I didn’t imagine that our paths to cross
As I had let go, so I thought
But the memories told me
Yet another story

You broke my brand new ruler
I didn’t care, But my mom cared
Maybe she was broke, I couldn’t tell
I was so embarrassed to ask you
To buy me another

You were the studious one
That’s how I remember
That’s how my mom remembers
I didn’t approve of everyone’s teasing
Just because you wore glasses
But who was I to save you?
What say did I have?

You were the good looker
Most of the time in a yellow T-Shirt
A simple dude, friendly with all
Too concerned about looks
Was always a surprise for me
Since you were already there!

Wala (Priyal):
You always made me smile
A lighter heart than most I knew
Your words and actions
Made me laugh
Life was not serious
Even back then you seem to know

A dreamer, A DJ, Your life was music
We’ve spoken quite a bit
Your comfort in your own skin

An innocence I liked.
How very wrong for me to think
A profession is not in making one dance
Then came the day you wanted to kill the a couple of dudes, who said to have been trying something out!!
I was shivering in fear, but you seem to have learnt!

The Other (I’m so sorry, names I forget)
He was there since year one
His birthmark in forehead never went unnoticed
We never got the chance
To know each other
Back in the day, but there’s always Now.

Our paths have varied
I almost feel,
I don’t know you at all.

But I am now known
In a nakedness I never imagined
No more Shame, No more Less
No more Pride, No more More
Just Me!

A simple dude
Done everything under the Sun
With somewhat wisdom
The world may judge
I like Boys, I’m sure that’s known
I hope no difference,
That’ll bring to our paths.

– Nim –

P.S: X-Guys period was the most memorable time in school days. You guys didn’t treat me any less or more. I felt quite equal for the first time in school life. I also finally became a bit naughty which I love. Or else my school life would have been a wasted goody-too-shoe life! If it weren’t for you (Including Kusal and Vinod who weren’t present today), there wouldn’t be a whole lot I want to remember about school, except for studies. But you guys gifted me a time where I had fun, I loved life for the first time.

So thank you a million times. May what ever your dreams be a reality. And most importantly, may you receive the highest gift of all, the perfected understanding of the Law of Nature.


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