Where I left my Confidence

I loved those drums
The Sri Lankan ones
The teacher loved the kids
Always got me to play the sticks

He was there
Just like a prayer
I was happy to be ready
A bit sad as he is not ready

He was talking to her
Last think I remember
Then he was gone
So were my friends

I walked up to her
Told her what happened
The look of anger
While pulling my ear
Pissing my pants I stand in fear

She was the first to laugh
The children joined not to miss out
The cleaner’s scolding still echoes in my ears
Still don’t know what I missed that was so dear

That Five Year Old Boy
The quiet and innocent Boy
My Ear may have looked a Toy
To Manjula Motha Uncoy

Question to You:
Would you punish your child when you know you were at fault? Would you confuse your 5 year old?

P. S:
True Story. She was the wicked witch in St. Anthony’s Montessori School, Borella, Sri Lanka. The irony is, she was teaching religion during other kids music time. What kind of an unkind religion was she teaching, I wonder!! May she’d understand All there is to know. I don’t hate her, despite my words may seem. How can I hate ignorance!

– Nim –

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