The Young Generation

Only 6 months old,
Hanging out with other infants
At the mercy of some strangers.
My parents, I see them when it’s dark.

My mom is mentally ill, so they say.
My dad is an addict, I can see that.
Can’t wait to hang with my mates,
My parents, I see them when it’s dark.

In my virtual world, I kill, but ain’t harming a single living soul.
In my TV, I see beauty of nature,
but I live in a concrete jungle.
My parents, I don’t give a fuck anymore!

I found my way, I can find happiness,
I can smoke, snort, or any other way,
It takes me there.

Oh, you’re surprised!
Oh, I don’t understand!!
Oh, You know better!!!
Oh, I am the wasted space!!!!
Did you think I give a fuck,
About you and your fucked up reality?

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