The Misunderstood

The sounds he makes,
the first sound I heard here..
I said hello, he grunted something…

I was scared… Why does he make those sounds..
I was attracted… Why does he make those sounds..
I have fantasized… Why does he make those sounds…

He opened his doors to me, offered a home…
He didn’t care when I tried to hit on him…
He knew that I was only just naughty boy.
He slept in his room, I took the sofa.
He did the bro on me…

His sheets are torn, his sofa is old..
He likes his grog, and everything that goes with it..
He has very little, and needs very little..
He knows his addictions, he knows what makes him happy..
He travels the world, the picture box takes him their..

I wish I made the move earlier, but it happened exactly the way it should be..

The misunderstood, I love them.

If this was a movie, and he and I, only actors, I’m sure he will be loved.

– Nim –

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