The Gauthama Buddha and The “Bodhi Tree”

The forest has so many trees to choose
I have sat under so many of them
Each made me feel differently
Each looked very different to one another
Each provide a uniqueness to this forest

But then I chose the Bodhi Tree
For my last lap
Its branches so evenly distributed
It provided me shelter from both rain and Sun
Its seeds are loved by birds, especially crows, maybe black and not much to look at, but thoughtful lovebirds.
These birds help this tree be distributed fast
It can survive many weather conditions
Its roots run so deep that it can withstand a tsunami
It can hold a large group of people, under its shelter, shelter them from rain and sun

I want to be like this “Bodhi Tree”
May I be strong like it
May my roots run deep
May my truth be loved by nature
May my truth be easily distributed
May my truth be the shelter
May my truth be the Cure
May this tree be looked into by doctors, scientists, and nature lovers many years after I’m gone
May this tree bring a relief to the mess man will make many years after I’m gone

The Gauthama Buddha may have thought…

– Nim –

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