The First Day I Couldn’t Let Go

A Rented Flat
Upstairs of a Railway Bungalow
In Mount Mary
I was only four or five

We weren’t Rich in Money
“There goes the Man with a Bike”
Screams my naughty “Self”
Mother knows to buy a Tea Bun

Only One, not Two
Little did my naughty “self” know
Maybe all she could Afford
She gave it to me

She took one bite
A bite from “My” Tea Bun
My naughty “self” started to cry

Mother wanted to stop her Baby cry
She took the Bite and threw it out the window
Maybe for a hungry crow

My naughty “self” cried a whole lot more
Little did “My” mother know,
I cried for not letting go
Not gifting her just one bite
One little Bite
From “My” tea bun

Don’t underestimate
Your little baby
Who may understand
A lot more than you know

– Nim –

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