The Cure

What is it?
What serves us?
What doesn’t?
Where have we gone wrong?
Where haven’t we?

Do we cling?
Cling to some age old recipes
Once worked
But hasn’t worked for a while

Take the Old
Apply it to New
It doesn’t work
Yet we do it again?

Maybe things have changed
Over these couple of thousand years
Don’t you think?

Maybe we have misunderstood
What has been told
Over a couple of thousand years ago

They were the Solutions
They were the Cure
For the sicknesses before

Sickness now
Are the cures before
So we learn
Or don’t we ever?

Is it better to watch?
All these cruelty
All these killing
All these harming
Yet Cling,
Cling to something that you don’t even understand

Let us join hands
To make the Cure
For the Now,
Not for the Yesterday
For the better Tomorrow

– Nim –

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