Technology’s Negative Impact on Anger – However,  not an excuse.

If someone says or does something that is unacceptable to your understanding of law of nature,

One may get frustrated emotions, that cause angry thoughts, resulting in unacceptable behaviour from one’s own self.

If the aforementioned are in front of one another, behaviour will be words, body language, and physical through violence, or hugs and tears.

This will eliminate any misunderstandings, thus, lessen or aggreviate the situation… The understanding will be closer to what is meant, irrespective of the outcome.

A simple text message, let it be on the wide variety of messaging applications that exist, social media applications that exist, or a good old SMS, removes two aspects of successful communication.

Further, it allows you to react immediately without any hesitation.

This takes us further away from accurately knowing what is truly meant, whether it’s love or hatred.

Think before you speak…
Think twice before you write…
Read many times before you hit “send”!!!

I’m blessed to see all of this..
I’m cursed to experience all of this…
I’m ashamed to be participating…
I’m loved by God(s) to have an ability to understand…

Thank you Technology for giving me the ability to make this 3rd Rock from the Sun feel like One.

Earthlings, today’s world is tough stuff already.

Let’s always observe and forethink the outcome before we act. Let it be using technology or creating technology.

– Nim –

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