How Vegan Are you?

To get that cup of lentils,
How many earth worms did one have to kill?
How many flies did one have to kill?
How much of chemicals that already killed a lot, and has a potential to kill even more, was used?
How many farmers have been ill-treated?
How many unfair transactions had taken place?
How many lies have been told?
How much of misused taxes have been paid?
How much trouble did you give the chef who put a bit too much salt in it?
How much trouble did you give the waiter who served it?

What the fuck is Vegan in your stupid cup of lentils?

Go ahead let’s talk about lessening animal cruelty,
But don’t you be proud about your perceived vegan shit,
An earth worm also suffer although you only can see bigger animals.
Every time you run down and judge a human that consumes animal products, you hurt another being.

We all belong to a food chain,
As humans we have a choice of lessening the harm we do to other beings that includes human beings.

There is nothing vegan about you!!

– Nim –

P.S: I rarely want to talk about the topics about vegetarianism or veganism… Because we all have a choice. But I hate it when they’re shoved down everyone else’s throats.

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