A Father and A Teacher

– In Loving Memory of Mr. Kularatne, Nalanda Vidyalaya, Colombo, Sri Lanka –

It was strange and too many students
Why are they so loud and foul mouthed
Kids from the village, who won a scholarship
Why on earth did they get a scholarship, for such bad behaviour
I was busy judging the situation quietly
In fear of this strange breed

A tall man dressed in full white
A full smile, a knowing look
A friendly face, seem to know our age
One overly naughty kid, always disturbing him
That annoying brat, how is he his son?

Social Studies and History,
In place of Environment Science
I was unhappy, but liked him,
my teacher

Extra classes for a peanut or two
For math, science, and a whole lot more
What a trick to get his son,
do his homework before he head home.
We all had fun, as he always had a snack or two

Today his son told me the news
Dad is no more, six years has passed
How I wish I got to thank him,
For being an understanding parent
For being an awesome teacher

But then again, maybe I have
Maybe he is back, to meet me in flesh and blood
I know plenty of 6 year old brats

– Nim –

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