The Peaceful State of Nibbana, brings back Faith in this World!

– A Little Thank you Note to My School Time friend, Nimesha Pathirana, Nalanda Vidyalaya, Colombo, Sri Lanka –


Translation of the Poem in the Picture:
Loving Kindness, Compassion, and an Ocean of Such Characteristics

With Loving Kindness,
and Compassion greater than The Ocean itself.

The taste of Law of Nature
Will give peace to the three worlds, The World of Desire, The World of Form, The World of Formless.

The Peaceful State of Nibbana, brings back Faith in this World.

Such Wesak Wishes come from Nimeshe to You.

From (Me) Nimeshe
To (You) Nimesha

Thank you for keeping this card I had sent to you during school days. I’m of course embarrassed that I have thrown every card given by a lot of people.

But I promise you have been in my heart…

We met in Year 7 (7B – Mr. Wagasenevi’s class)

You asked me if I was also “Nimeshe” and we were quite happy to meet, as it was the first other “Nimesha” for both of us.

You taught me the stupid song “Sathekda Pirimiyekda Ganiyekda Mey”

We used to play “Bo wena rogey” after school, and one such day I was the only one left to save everyone, I fought with Madura.

Once you won the award for Health Science, and I won the award for Science and we were really happy (Mrs. Ganegama’s class)

When I chose English Literature and you chose Art, we had to go our own way and I used to come and hang with you as I hated my new class, which I slowly began to like.

We used to go to Junior School to meet Mrs. Ganegama for the longest time.

You introduced me to “Sudu Kasun” while I introduced you “Kalu Kasun”

Sudu Kasun ended up telling us a story about why Madonna’s lips are dark!! (Some sexual thing, meanwhile she probably was wearing lipstick… And Gullible me believed him!!!)

We spoke too much about our personal stuff 😂😂😂

Once I wanted to tell you “I want to go see Hurdles Event” but ended up saying “Api wata paninawa balanna yamu”, which you told everyone and of course you know what happened next.

You chose to be a doctor and I chose to be an Engineer, so we went different ways again. But we still hung out.

You introduced me to new friends from Bio Science class. I liked your class as you were based in a science lab, while I had to go to a science lab from my ordinary class for Chemistry and Physics.

I’m sorry I didn’t maintain my friendship, but I had my reasons. Would love to meet you before I head back to Australia.

– Nim –

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